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Version: 5 Plus Valid Period: 7 days / 12 times
File Size: 1.65MB Language: English
Type: Try-Before-You-Upgrade
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  • This Trial version is designed to let you experience Uninstall Master Free Versions powerful and creative features. Erase history optimize your system has never been easier! When you purchase the full version, you will also receive: 
    • Full version of Uninstall Master Free Version
    • Registration Codes
    • Lifetime license
  • More Discount as the privilege of back customer
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Installation Instructions

  • This trial version file is 1.65MB. Your download time depends on your equipment and Internet connection. Please be sure you have sufficient time and system resources BEFORE you begin downloading.
  • Save the setup file into a temporary directory on your hard drive. If you own another My Windows Doctor product, please make sure you install the trial into a folder other than the one where your existing My Windows Doctor product programs are.
  • Using Windows Explorer, find the self-extracting file and double-click to start the installation.
  • Select the appropriate options in the remaining message screens.
Once this has been successfully downloaded, click the self-extracting setup file and follow the installation instructions.