System's RAM will Benefit the Most from Memory Release Master

Pamela B

Almost any computer system can benefit from additional RAM, but not all computer system owners know how (or can afford) to install more memory.

Memory Release Master helps alleviate the RAM jam suffered by users of older, slower systems. It is small, effective, and best of all, there is no limitation during the trial period. Installation is quick, and setup is easy. Use program defaults, or modify through the Preferences screen of the Edit menu how much RAM youd like it to free up and at which point of resource consumption. Memory Release Master will keep track of RAM usage and scrub your RAM free of flotsam left behind by closed windows and background programs. You can perform a manual RAM cleaning by right-clicking the icon in the system tray and selecting Run Now. Multitaskers who experience bottlenecks in performance due to data saturation of their systems RAM will benefit the most from Memory Release Master.