Keep Your Nose Clean

Jeremy Kutcher

The Supreme Court may waffle on your right to privacy, but not the makers of Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser. Your browsers cache, cookies, history, and recent documents list present a manifesto of your personal tastes and peccadilloes for those ill-mannered enough to look, and this program can wipe them away from Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, and AOL. Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser, with its easy-to-use and effective scouring of personal data and computer clutter, lets you keep your nose clean and then some. The program boasts an impressive array of bonus features, such as Department of Defense-standard unrecoverable erasing, a secure file shredder, a systray icon-free stealth mode to keep your privacy-guarding private, even on the task bar. The program also can delete usage history from a number of third-party applications, including Google Toolbar, various IM clients, and MS Office applications. Anyone who wants to keep their PC activities to themselves would do well to give Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser a try.