Memory Release Master Free Version

Free up memory & Increase the amount of Memory available!


Let your favorite applications use all the memory they need!


Manage Processes (New)

  • User can effortlessly terminate threatening processes and programs or free up memory occupied by listed processes.

Recover 100% of Memory Leaks, Optimize your PC Memory

  • Recover Memory from Windows and your applications
  • Recover Memory leaks from unstable programs
  • Increase the amount of Memory available
  • Let you run large applications simultaneously without slowing down your system

Increase Your System Performance

  • Increase your system performance by making more memory available for your applications and the operating system.
  • Help your system to achieve superior performance.

Release Memory Automatically

  • Detect and terminate programs that cause memory and resources leaks.
  • When your available physical memory reaches its critical amount, the software will automatically clean up your PC memory to optimum level.


  • View graphical presentation of memory status.
  • Designed for both, expert and novice users.