Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser

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Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser

History Eraser- Erase the traces left on your computer!

Every time you browse the Internet, your own computer records your activities with programs such as Internet Explorer, AOL, and Netscape. If youre a businessperson who doesnt want colleagues to know what Web sites youve visited, a student who doesnt want others to know which Internet files youve opened or a home user who wants to keep your history of files, videos, and music private, Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser provides the tools you need.

Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser eliminates the traces left behind on your computer. It erases data by using government-level removal techniques and completely "cleans" your computer of any Internet/Windows activity you want to guarantee wont get discovered. It is the best evidence eliminator available to keep your web surfing private!

History Eraser- Erase the traces left on your computer!

Erase History Completely

  • Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser removes all traces of usage on your computer securely. It removes temporary files, history of opened documents, applications, Recycle Bin, internet cache, visited URLs, network locations and much more!

Make Computer Activity 100% Unrecoverable

  • The windows "delete" button and the "empty recycle bin" option does NOT DELETE your files. Any software recovery tool can recover all of it. Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser securely delete specified files and folders making them 100% unrecoverable.

Custom Items

  •  Custom Items allow you to add and edit the Custom Item with which you can erase file(s), folder or registry entry(s). You can also schedule your cleaning tasks to run at certain times.

Enhance Computer Efficiency

  •  Free Internet/System Evidence Eraser can speed up your surfing experience and computer speed by clearing your temp files, cached files and freeing up space on your hard drive.

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